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Hi i currently live in michigan I am 8 months pregnant and was recently put out on the

Hi i currently live in michigan I am 8 months pregnant and was recently put out on the streets by the father and his mom. I have no where to go and have been out on the streets for almost a week. The shelters ive called all have waiting list. Please help

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I am am a single mother of 3 children. Lately my luck has been bad. It all started in July when my boyfriend died in a car accident. I was depressed so i took of work. My landlord decides to sell me the house so he makes up a contract. He dies the very next week. I was unable to sign the contract. I was finally ready to go back to work just had to figure a way home. When i came back i wasn't getting any hours and now everythig is behind. My gas is off and the rest to following. Please help
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money, help pay bills: I currently an unemployed and need help paying my bills. My unemployment hasnt kicked

I currently an unemployed and need help paying my bills. My unemployment hasnt kicked in yet and i am going to loose the place i live if i can not come up with money. I am looki for anywhere from 600-1000. I have had interviews but none of them have hired me as of yet. Please anything would be helpful. I appreciate your time in listening!
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aps81   in reply to bui004   on

Resume Review

Hi , I would like to accept your help if the offer still stands . I would really appreciate help with my resume . Thankyou !
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Aidpage Open Letter: Desperate for opportunity...

To the attention of:

Barack Obama, US President;
Tom Corbett, Governor of Pennsylvania;
US Senators from Pennsylvania: Patrick J. Toomey, Robert P. Jr. Casey;
US Representatives from Pennsylvania: Allyson Y. Schwartz, Bill Shuster, Chaka Fattah, Charles W. Dent, Christopher P. Carney, Glenn Thompson, Jason Altmire, Jim Gerlach, Joseph R. Pitts, Kathleen A. Dahlkemper, Lou Barletta, Mark S. Critz, Michael F. Doyle, Michael G. Fitzpatrick, Patrick Meehan, Robert A. Brady, Tim Holden, Tim Murphy, Todd Russell Platts;

Dear Government Officials,

I have an excellent abundance of senior level marketing experience and simply cannot locate work. At 51, I have been out of work since 2007, and have sent out over 900 résumés since. To no avail, I cannot obtain work and have been on a limited amount of interviews. My résumé is fine with the exception of not finishing college, and the clearly noticed age of 51, based on the dates of employment.

I am extremely qualified to lead teams and mentor subordinates and capable of managing large budgets.

I have been forced out of my apartment, cannot afford anything and have recently moved in with family as a complete burden.

This is not how I intended to live, have no idea where to turn for help and am completely desperate. Once a successful businessperson who achieved high levels of recognition for his performance, I am now at wits end and need an opportunity to devote myself to a company and reap the benefits of my hard work.

Please advise me what I am eligible for, or if there are any opportunities for me in government. I am extremely adept at marketing and advertising, IT and process-driven occupations.



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Post Open Letter to your Elected Representatives

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Hello, I am new here and do not know where to start, but I will start by saying that I am a single mother of four kids in which I am not recieving help for. Next I am a laid off home healthcare aid, the company I worked for closed down without notice, and as I have been looking for new work and recieving unemployment benefits, my time has run out and I am still unemployed. The city that I live in is slowly staring to offer work but most of the work is minimum wage and hardly enough to support three teenagers ages 17,16,15 and a 10 year old,plus myself. I am currently seeking help from wherever I can get it. I am attending school online now while I have all this extra time on my hands in hope of pursueing my dream of opening a women and childrens shelter here where I live. There is more that I will share at a later time.
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Buddha smiles in darkness  

Fighting everyday to keep my sanity and from living on the streets.

I am 35 years old and just want to work. I have never ever done this before. I have pride and I am living with my father who is kicking me out. I have applied for jobs and no answers. My resume is good. I work hard. I just want a chance. I am on the verge of being homeless by april. I was there before. I don't do drugs and I am a positive buddhist. I write music and poetry to help me continue to live. My health is affecting me because of what I have been through prison when I was in my teens. I have lived a positive life for a while and the resumes go answered. I am in school which I don't know how am I getting through. I refuse to do wrong except pray, meditate and make people laugh and smile. It is my kung fu fighting spirit. I am a single father and don't want my son see me as a failure. I feel like will smith in the pursuit of happiness. I have so many bills that I beg the storage people not to sell my furniture or my writings. I would love to work and have my own home someday. Then I can help others. I write cards or personal poems for people for donations so my thing is not pan handling for making people laugh or feel good with my words since I am a musician and writer. I owe my former land lady $2000 grand when I lost my job and moved out but still owed 2 months rent. I put my car as collateral for a loan a year ago to save me from eviction it didn't work because I never found a job in time thus eviction. Now I pay $150 a month and would have to pay a thousand to get my title back. This is so embarrassing that i am saying all of this. Bad things happen to good people. I want a job any job. I will write a card for donations 5 per poem/ card what ever for a wife or husband, fighting or getting back together, anniversary. I can write anything you name it. The universe is still beautiful. Thank you!
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About hopefulcina

Im 20yrs old and 9weeks pregnant. I need a job in the worst kind of way. i have no resume worthy work history, which is killing me. Im willing to do what ever it takes to get one and i have been trying my hardest to to that. but i havent gotten hired anywhere, and lately i have just been living of my BF and i hate it. i want this to be a partnership not him do all the work. i dont know what else to do... i live in murfreesboro TN but am willing to work in Smyrna.

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I'm sorry...

My name is Kleigh and I'm a 22 year old unemployed female. I am in desperate need of help with paying my rent and utilities for the month of January. The total comes to $600. I know that is pretty low compared to the other heart breaking stories on here, and it hurt more to know that there are others sharing my pain and feeling worse than I am.
I am single, living with two roommates. One is moving out, come New Years, and the other was in a horrible attack by a sexual offender. I was forced to give my two weeks at my job because I could not meet their company availability, and now I have no income now to speak of. I am trying my hardest to find another job, losing the one I had was a horrible experience and I wish that their policy had not changed. I have spoken to Unemployment about a week and a half ago but there is no word on if I have been approved or not, and or when/if I will receive any assistance.
If there is anyone out there willing to help me keep my home and my family (Tara is 2 and Gabrielle is 1) together, I would greatly appreciate it.
If you can not, please pray for us? I'm sorry to be of any inconvenience.
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Nana asking for help for twins?

I am writining concerning my daughter and her twins. My daughter & the twins are living with me. Unfortunatly I am waiting for disability due to epilepsy, and she can't return to work yet as one of the twins has breathing issues so we are in rough shape financially so I was hoping someone could PLEASE help us out a little bit for christmas. Maybe some pj's, or an outfit or even just some diapers would be great. I would greatly appreciate it & i know she would as she is totally stressed out and crying all the time as she has always worked and never been in this position before. can someone help? thank you.
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About willsucceed

I have a wife and 2 children living at home.I just recently became unemployed after being in a buisness for 13yrs.Now I am venturing out to a new line of work so I can support my Family.We live in Kentucky and plan on building a new and hopefully prosperous life here.

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Family of 4

Me and my husband spent the day trying to get help for our family.We did make alittle progress,but it will not take place until Jan. or Feb.,which will lower our rent some.We did get a hold of Toys for Tots to see if they could help get the kids some Christmas this year. They may be able to help our 5 year old,but they will not get our 13 year old daughter anything because of her age. I feel alittle bit more relieved knowing our 5 year old might get something under the tree. They have not started getting names for Toys for Tots yet here,but I plan to keep checking on that so I can have him put on the list as soon as possible.We still have our 13 year daughter to worry about though. She could use warmer shirts and a heavy jacket. She could also use jeans size 1. She is all girl and likes girly things like the fake nail kits,make-up,music cds,hair feathers. She is an avid reader and loves books. If anybody has any used clothes they have outgrown and can donate to us, that would help us out alot. Unfortunately, almost everything we own got left in Ga. and there is no way to get them at this time due to our financial state.So we are having to more or less start over. Anything would be deeply appreciated. God Bless all of ya who are trying to help!
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Resume Review

I know that many American's are suffering and times are hard. I will, therefore, offer some of my time and talents to help those who need it. I can't offer any money, but I am very educated and will proofread your resume and give you help tips in order to get a job and get back on your feet. It breaks my heart to know so many people are suffering. Please, contact me on here and I will give you my email address afterwards.
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christmas for my grandkids

i am a grandmother who is raising my 3 grandkids agess 3,5,7 and unemployed. I am presently enrolled in college trying to better my education to take care of my grandkids and i am 53 years old, and going back to school is hard at my age. I wont be able to be santa for my grandkids i just barely make ends meet and keep food on the table
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Need help, but least likely to get any.

Hi everybody, I never thought I would be in the situation that I am in now. I am an unemployed dental hygienist living in central Massachusetts. I lost my job over 2 years ago now, and I can't get a job anywhere. Dental offices here are not hiring right now, and there are many dental hygienists out of work. I thought I was in a safe field, but I now understand the first thing a person loses when they lose their job is dental insurance, and others tighten their spending. They don't hire a male my age when they don't have to, younger women will keep patients coming back better. Lower paying jobs will not hire me, because I am over qualified. My wife walk out in the beginning of May when my federal unemployment ran out, and left me with a house and 2 dogs. I had to file Chapter 7 today, 11/5/2011 as my house was due to be auctioned on Tuesday, 11/8, this buys me a little more time only. I am an online student at Vermont Tech. I need some kind of help; I can't live in my car, because I have too many health problems. My license to practice is only good in MA, So, I will need to get licensed for any other. If there is anybody who can help me in any way, I would be most grateful. John
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I have 4 kids that will miss out on Christmas this year, also two that will miss out on their birthdays as well!! Please, please help me!!!!!!

I am looking for any place that can help me in getting christmas presents for my children. We are unable to provide them with any. We are struggle to keep ourselves in a place to stay. I have been unemployed for almost 2 years and my husbands checks barely pay for anything. We have lost our home and we are staying in a motel. I would truly appreciate if there is anyone out there that can help me with this. I tried my local Salvation Army and they are full for this year and they werent much help in telling me if any other place had openings for their Christmas Assistance program..
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christmas comes too quickly

I was diagnosed with bipolar one a few weeks ago...with getting my health in order, not being able to buy my 7 month old a winter coat or winter clothes, unable to buy heating fuel to heat our home, im really at a loss of options...i need help, i feel like a bad mother, im unable to buy my son a christmas gift...i was a hard worker and am trying so hard to get back on my feet....i need a magical wand...ive started couponing and was able to receive free cat food..i dont have any pets so ive been donating it to animal shelters...sometimes all we need is an ear to listen, sometimes we need a little more to make it through.
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help others

Everyone on this site needs help. Let's talk people.
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help others

Let's all put our minds together to come up with innovative ways to help each other.
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Help Needed

It seems like everyone is in need of help. We need to come up with different strategies to get ourselfs out of this rut.

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